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Bagels and Lox

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 2.40.56 PMProviding a recipe for “bagels and lox” may seem silly, but as anyone who’s ever tasted overly-salted lox or stale, dry bagels will tell you… a good breakfast bagel and lox can sometimes seem elusive. The first and foremost tenant to making a superior breakfast bagel must begin with using premium ingredients! Here in beautiful Portland, Oregon, finding good ingredients isn’t too difficult (if you know where to look).

Let’s begin with the lox! Of course, we kindly insist that you use our premium, cold-smoked lox! We use only the highest quality, wild-caught, Pacific Coast salmon. The Smoke Master has spent over two decades perfecting his lox using only the finest ingredients. You’ll never have to worry about artificial coloring, flavors, or preservatives in any of our smoked salmon, including our lox.

In need of a good schmear? If you come visit us on Saturdays at the Portland Farmers Market at PSU, you’ll find our lovely daughter, Lisa, selling her Jacobs Creamery cheeses right beside us! We recommend using her smooth and creamy crème fraîche. If you’re lucky, she may even have her herbed crème fraîche available! Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Lisa uses the time-honored traditions of fine, European cheese-making techniques, while putting her unique spin on them and making them her own.

As far as where to get that boiled then baked, chewy-in-the-center and crisp-on-the-outside, New York-style bagel in Portland… we can’t say enough good things about Bowery Bagels. They offer traditional, New York style, kosher bagels that any East Coast transplant would be hard-pressed to deny their New York authenticity.

What else do you need? Depending on the season, you can get fresh, seasonal tomatoes, onions, arugula or whatever else your heart desires to help make your bagels and lox breakfast stand out as the best. So, without further hesitation, I present to you the recipe for making the “perfect” bagel and lox breakfast:


  • The Smokery’s famous Cold-Smoked Lox
  • Jacobs Creamery Crème Fraîche
  • Premium bagels (see notes above)
  • Seasonal vegetables (optional)

Combine all ingredients using personal, preferred proportions! Most importantly… ENJOY!

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